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3 Different Kinds Of Batteries — Supplies and Installation Of Batteries in West Gosford, NSW

Battery Services in Central Coast

Get prompt service, advice and installations from the knowledgeable team at Coast 2 Coast Batteries. We even provide roadside battery assistance for battery testing and replacement.

Battery Roadside Assistance

Get back on the road quickly and safely with roadside assistance for battery problems. We can promptly replace flat and under functioning batteries to get you back on the road quickly.

During our roadside battery service we check the electrical system of the vehicle to ensure the battery is being charged correctly at all times. Our extensive knowledge and experience in car battery maintenance means we can help you maximise the performance and durability of any battery.
Checking Car Battery — Supplies and Installation Of Batteries in West Gosford, NSW
Installing Car Battery — Supplies and Installation Of Batteries in West Gosford, NSW

Battery Installation

Take the hassle out of replacing the car battery yourself by having our experts do it for you. We install quality batteries for all cars, trucks and boats. Using the latest computer systems we can correctly configure the battery to suit your vehicle, ensuring it’s efficiently charging. Our standard battery fitting service is free.

Free Battery Testing

Have your battery tested in store, this is a free service that is valid across an extensive range of batteries for cars, motorcycles, boats and other items. Regardless of whether you’re concerned about battery performance or safety, we can help.

Fully equipped with electronic testing devices, we can determine the level of maintenance or charging required for your batteries. Once tested, our expert team can recommend the best solution, replacing the battery if required.
Car Battery Testing — Supplies and Installation Of Batteries in West Gosford, NSW
Charging Car Battery — Supplies and Installation Of Batteries in West Gosford, NSW

Free Battery Charging

Our free battery charging service is available for all vehicles including cars, boats and golf buggies. Our team can restore the health and performance of the battery with our advanced charging systems. Regardless of the type of battery you have, we can minimise the potential for a breakdown by optimising the performance of the battery.

We can run a battery testing procedure specific to the battery, to determine the level of charging required, once the level is clear we can then charge for optimum performance.

Recycle Old Batteries

We keep a store of scrap batteries, saving up to 97% of components, those components are then reprocessed and used to create other products. Recycling batteries means we are contributing less to landfill and doing our part to have a positive impact on the environment.

Bring your old batteries into our store today to have them recycled and repurposed.
Recycled Batteries — Supplies and Installation Of Batteries in West Gosford, NSW
Jumpstart A Car — Supplies and Installation Of Batteries in West Gosford, NSW

Need a Jumpstart?

Whether corroded battery terminals are the issue or the weakness is in the voltage regulator, if you can’t get your car started, we can jumpstart it so you can get moving again.

The first thing we do before jumpstarting is inspect the car battery, checking for cracks, acid leaks and other potential contributing factors. Once we’ve determined the cause, we can then get to work, ensuring the jumpstart is done safely and effectively for both you and the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I dispose of old batteries?

Lead-acid batteries should never be disposed of along with household waste as they contain harmful components. Simply drop the batteries off to an authorised battery store and they will take care of the recycling process.

How often should I replace my battery?

Car batteries generaly last around 3 years. The determining factors include the vehicle type, quality of the battery and your driving behavior, these can all impact the longevity of the battery.

Why should I protect my battery terminals from corrosion?

Battery terminals are responsible for keeping your car battery life efficient. As acid releases hydrogen gas, the risk of undercharging or overcharging your batteries is present. Battery terminals have to be cleaned regularly to prevent corrosion which can cause poor performance.

Is it safe to install my car battery myself?

No. While many car owners run the risk of installing batteries themselves, it is recommended you hire a professional battery installer to do the job. Battery experts are equipped with the latest vehicle electrical testing equipment and charging systems to ensure a safe and effective process.

How long does it take to test a battery?

The duration of battery testing will depend on the vehicle type. Running a car or truck battery check usually takes about 5 minutes. For deep-cycle batteries, the testing process can last up to 24 hours. Consult a battery expert to confirm.