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Batteries — Supplies and Installation Of Batteries in West Gosford, NSW

Battery Products in Central Coast

Coast 2 Coast Batteries stocks premium brands – from batteries for cars and campervans to batteries for cameras and mobile phones. Check out our extensive range to find the right power solution for your equipment or device. If you’re unsure of the battery you need, we can help.


We carry expanded calcium maintenance-free batteries for light and heavy-duty vehicles. They are specially designed using advanced technology to withstand extreme driving conditions. Our automotive batteries such as SuperCharge, Delkor, Century and Varta Automotive cover any vehicle make or model you drive. We supply and fit maintenance-free SuperCharge batteries to ensure optimum performance and longer useful life. If you are stuck with a flat or dead battery, our team is fully qualified to install the right car battery and help you get back on the road.
Silver Plus Batteries — Supplies and Installation Of Batteries in West Gosford, NSW
Predator Motorcycle Batteries — Supplies and Installation Of Batteries in West Gosford, NSW


At Coast 2 Coast Batteries, we use brands such as Predator, Yuasa, Deka and Motobatt for your motorcycle. Our selection of batteries ranges from maintainable to maintenance-free products.

We supply Predator AGM Powersport batteries constructed with lead-calcium alloy to ensure high-starting performance, low self-discharge and high-vibration resistance. Our batteries are also designed with absorbed glass mat technology to withstand extreme conditions. We only recommend well-priced batteries appropriate for your model.


We have marine batteries available from brands such as SuperCharge, Century and Delkor. Our SuperCharge SeaMaster is available in two types: low maintenance and maintenance-free batteries. We recommend products to accommodate your budget and boat performance.

If you require a battery with higher impact resistance, you can choose low-maintenance marine battery. For heavy-duty boats requiring superior starting power and vibration resistance, maintenance-free batteries are ideal. Trust us to guide you on your boat battery selection.
Sea Master Battery  — Supplies and Installation Of Batteries in West Gosford, NSW
Allrounder — Supplies and Installation Of Batteries in West Gosford, NSW

Deep Cycle

We supply Fullriver, Century and Hardcore deep-cycle batteries for leisure applications such as motorhomes and golf carts. We stock deep-cycle batteries with long-running power and low current drain for campervans. They often come with thick, high-density plates to retain power supply without losing the battery’s capacity.

We also provide Fullriver deep-cycle batteries with expanded useful life and maintenance-free options depending on your requirements.


Heavy-duty trucks require superior starting power and resistance to harsh driving conditions. Our range of premium brand batteries, including SuperCharge, Century and Delkor, are ideal for industrial applications.

We also carry Truck Master batteries, constructed with expanded calcium to promote exceptional durability and withstand extreme heat. We use Antimony Positive plates and Calcium Negative plates, allowing your truck battery to run longer than other batteries. We always recommend batteries based on your truck specification and driving routine.
Truck Batteries — Supplies and Installation Of Batteries in West Gosford, NSW
Golf Cart Batteries — Supplies and Installation Of Batteries in West Gosford, NSW

Golf Cart

Coast 2 Coast Batteries has a range of batteries for golf buggies, mobility scooters and more. We carry deep-cycle batteries that are built to deliver high-quality performance and reliability against even the toughest courses.

We carry premium brand batteries for golf carts, including Trojan and US Battery. Most of our Trojan batteries are constructed with thick grid technology, optimised to reduce down time and lower maintenance costs. We also have Maxguard T2 Separator designed to extend battery life and reduce operating costs. If you need a battery replacement for your mobility vehicle, we can supply and install.

Optima Batteries

We have Optima batteries available for cars, trucks and boats. Our range of Optima batteries includes Red Top, Yellow Top and Blue Top.

Optima Red Top batteries deliver a strong start-up burst and can last up to 3X longer life. Yellow Top specs are among those heavy-duty batteries with superior cranking power and low internal resistance, promoting faster recharging cycles. Blue Top batteries are exceptionally fast and efficient when it comes to delivering power supply, saving you time in the long run. All these are maintenance-free and 15X more vibration-resistant.
Optima Batteries — Supplies and Installation Of Batteries in West Gosford, NSW
Different Kind Of Chargers — Supplies and Installation Of Batteries in West Gosford, NSW


Coast 2 Coast Batteries offers best-in-class chargers for motorcyles, campervans and solar panels. We supply portable automatic chargers manufactured by NOCO Genius for lead-acid, deep-cycle and lithium-ion batteries. In store we also carry high efficiency chargers which help minimise energy consumption.

Mobile Phones

Not just limited to automotive batteries, we also carry a range of phone batteries for any brand and model. Whatever phone you have, we can help you find the right battery specific to your phone.
Mobile Phone Batteries — Supplies and Installation Of Batteries in West Gosford, NSW
Laptop Batteries — Supplies and Installation Of Batteries in West Gosford, NSW


We stock a range of high-quality, factory-approved laptop batteries. Whether your laptop battery is defective or has reached the end of it’s life, we can provide a suitable battery replacement. If you are unsure of the battery details for your laptop, we can find the right battery to get it up and running again.

Solar Panels

Our KT Solar Blankets are compact, lightweight and energy efficient. They are capable of producing greater power solutions than most other panels. Our solar blankets are ideal for cars, boats and campervans. We also stock KT 120W Portable Fold-Up Solar Kit that can be folded for compact, easy storage.
Solar Panels— Supplies and Installation Of Batteries in West Gosford, NSW
Triple A Batteries — Supplies and Installation Of Batteries in West Gosford, NSW

Other Items

Our range of button cell batteries is safety compliant and cost effective. Available for many different products including calculators, cameras and other small electronic devices. We also carry in store primary and rechargeable batteries for cordless phones.

Frequently Asked Questions


What makes batteries explode?

Excessive heat exposure can cause batteries to explode. This usually happens when the battery is overcharged. Faulty connections and inadequate ventilation can also cause internal damage, resulting in battery explosion.

Why should I choose Optima?

Optima batteries generally have a 10-year shelf life. They are exceptionally built to suit custom cars, boats and trucks. If you need a battery that does not deteriorate easily, Optima batteries are one of the best options.

What causes car batteries to fail?

Corrosion, water loss and vibrations are a few of the reasons for car battery failure. The physical components of automotive batteries can become corrosive when exposed to high temperatures. Incorrect applications and deep discharges are other factors that contribute to failure.

Is CCA (Cold Cranking Amperes) important?

Yes. Batteries with high CCA ratings thrive in colder climates. The higher the CCA rating, the faster the engines will work in cold temperatures. Although CCA features can be present in any car battery, they require greater protection to prevent overheating issues which may result in early deterioration.

What is a calcium battery?

Calcium batteries are lead-acid batteries and are often sealed maintenance free. They require higher charge voltage levels as they improve the battery’s capacity to resist vibration, corrosion and self-discharges.